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How To Buy

AIMS Books web site offers 3 ways to buy.

  1. Order by phone (using 1-800 number)
  2. Order by printable order form (obtained from web site)
  3. Order with your company's standard order form or system.

By Phone:

1.) You can also order books from AIMS books by phone. You will need to provide an item number, ISBN or title for the item you wish to purchase.

By Order Form:

2.) We understand not everyone is comfortable shopping online so we provide a printable form, which can be downloaded from the web site and printed on your printer. You may also use your company's standard order form or system. Down load PDF here. Simply fill out the required fields and mail the form to:

AIMS International Books, Inc.
7709 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45231

Or fax it to:

(513) 521-5592





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