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General Search Tips

There are many ways to search for what you are looking on The quick search is a single field search or you may use the browse for books option.

Searching by Title

Simply enter all or part of the title for which you are looking . You may leave out words such as “the”, “el”, "la", or “an”. The search engine will find books with similar words in the title.

Search by Author

Enter all or part of the name of the author you wish to find. First names are not needed, but bear in mind there are a lot of books with the same last name so it may help to narrow your search. You can enter a name such as Bob Barker or Barker, Bob.

Search by Keyword

The keyword search looks for all the words you enter relating to title, author, language, subjects, etc. For example if you search on “Spanish Children’s Authors” the search page will return results that contain “Spanish Children’s Authors” in the title, description, category, or language. You can be as general as this or be more specific such as (insert Spanish author here). Keep in mind that the broader your search parameters the longer your search results will return. You should choose a title or author if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Search by ISBN

Enter the ten digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number) in which you are interested. This search method will bring you to the one book you are looking for.

Quick Search Option

At the top of each page you will find a search field. Type in the title, author, language or ISBN for which you are looking for. The search results will display a list of books that meet your criteria.

Browse Books Option

By clicking on the browse books link in the navigation on each page you will be directed to a central directory of books list by language and category type (i.e. children’s fiction, art, science, etc.). Simply follow the link for the category of your choice and the results page will return a list of titles we have in stock meeting your criteria.




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